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About me

I am a scientist with Chemical Engineering background and a PhD on Engineering Science.

Young version of me
In 2018 I moved to the Carbon Science Centre of Excellence in Morgan Advanced Materials outlink in Pennsylvania, USA to work as a Materials Scientist, but my role shifted and currently I do what I enjoy the most as Research Scientist.

Last few years I was a researcher in Shinshu University outlink in Japan. My research there focused on studying the behavior of fluids at the nanoscale. I have a special interest in the molecular understanding of adsorption and how molecules interact with surfaces.

I got my PhD at Universidad de Concepcion outlink, Chile. My research group was (Carbons and Catalysts outlink). We worked mainly on experimental catalysis, carbon reactions (and its surface chemistry properties related to reactivity) and some recent computational chemistry research.

A more recent pic

During my free time, I have a lot of hobbies. For example:

See my CV HERE outlink (Updated March 2023).

Online presence

Current academic activities

  • New method for pore size distribution of microporous carbons.

Machine construction

These are some laboratory apparatus I enjoyed constructing:

  • Multiprobe adsorption, membrane permeance, and injection adsorption apparatus
  • Design of a dynamic adsorption machine
  • Laser treatment apparatus
  • In-situ FTIR cell
  • Controlled sample freezer
  • Future activities

  • 60th Japan Carbon Society Summer Seminar outlink, Nagasaki, JAPAN (Sept 4 - 5, 2023)

Presentations in conferences

TitlePresented atDownload
Challenges in Graphene Nanopore- (Nanowindow)-based Molecular Separations: A Critical ReviewThe World Conference on Carbon 2019, Kentucky, USA
Molecular Behavior near Graphene NanowindowsThe World Conference on Carbon 2018, Madrid, Spain
Consequences of Basal Plane Heterogeneities for Adsorption and Permeation in GrapheneISSHAC-10, 2018, Lublin, Poland
Consequences of Heterogeneities for Adsorption on GraphenePBAST-8, 2018, Sapporo, Japan
Molecular Separation with Graphene Nanowindows.31st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Adsorption Society, 2017, Shizuoka, Japan
Specific Interaction-mediated Efficient separation of molecules through Graphene Nanowindows.The World Conference on Carbon 2017, Melbourne, Australia
Molecular separation with graphene nanowindows.6th Symposium for Future Challenges for Carbon-Based Nanoporous Materials, 2017, Nagano, Japan
Role(s) of Nanowindow Rim Functional Groups in Molecular Permeation through Graphene.5th Symposium for Future Challenges for Carbon-Based Nanoporous Materials, 2017, Nagano, Japan
Nanowindow-rim assisted Molecular Permeation in Graphene.43rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Carbon Society, 2017, Chiba, Japan
Quasi-wall Effect in Graphene Nanowindows.30th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Adsorption Society, 2016, Nagasaki, Japan
Towards Real Models of Graphene Nanowindows.City University of New York, 2016, USA
Quasi-wall Effect in Graphene Nanowindows.The World Conference on Carbon 2016, Penn State, USA
Adsorption Kinetics from Non-equilibrium Isotherms.29th Meeting of the Japanese Adsorption Society, 2015, Tokushima, Japan
Penetration process of an Ar atom through a nanowindow on graphene.132nd Meeting of the Surface Finishing Society of Japan, 2015, Nagano, Japan
Nanowindow characterization of single wall carbon nanotubilites by dynamic multimolecular probe adsorption.The World Conference on 2015, Dresden, Germany
Potential Energy Surfaces of Graphene Nanowindows with Different Geometries Predicted by Atomistic Lennard-Jones Interactions.4th Symposium for Future Challenges for Carbon-Based Nanoporous Materials, 2015, Nagano, Japan
Nanowindow evaluation of SWCNH with dynamic multimolecular probe adsorption.41st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Carbon Society, Fukuoka, Japan, 2014.
Carbidization and reduction pretreatment of Co/Al2O3 catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.10th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium, 2012, Doha, Qatar
On the reactivity and structural differences between biomass- and coal-derived chars.The World Conference on Carbon 2010, Clemson, USA
Acerca de las diferencias estructurales y de reactividad en carbones derivados de carbón mineral y biomasa.XVII Congreso Chileno de Ingeniería Química, Viña del Mar, October 2009LINK outlink
Efecto de la porosidad del soporte carbonoso en la gasificación con O2 catalizada por Co y CuV Jornadas Chilenas de Catálisis y Adsorción, Talca, Chile, November 2008LINK outlink
Effect of activated carbon textural properties on metal catalytic activity in carbon reactionsSymposium for Future Challenges for carbon-based nanoporous materials, Chiba Japan, July 2008
Heat treated phthalocyanines as surrogate carbon catalystsCarbon 2008 Conference, Nagano Japan, July 2008
Characterization of coal-based metal catalystsKaneko Laboratory, Chiba University, Japan, June 2008LINK outlink
Heterogeneous catalysis and carbon materials: How (why?) are they related?Kaneko Laboratory, Chiba University, Japan, April 2008LINK outlink
Characterization of metal catalysts supported on active carbons made from chilean coalKaneko Laboratory, Chiba University, Japan, February 2008LINK outlink
¿Cómo volver a los combustibles de ayer con la tecnología de hoy?Para alumnos del Liceo Técnico de la Madera (Coronel) en Departamento de Ingeniería Química, UdeC, Octubre de 2007LINK outlink
Evidencia de la difusión superficial de oxígeno en el plano basal del carbonoDepartamento de FisicoQuímica, Universidad de Concepción, Agosto de 2007LINK outlink
Transferencia de oxígeno en catalizadores metálicos soportados en carbonoDepartamento de Ingeniería Química, Universidad de Concepción, Proyecto de Tesis, Agosto de 2007LINK outlink
Preparación y caracterización de catalizadores de bajo costo para la reducción de NOIV Jornadas Chilenas de Catálisis y Adsorción, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Noviembre de 2006LINK outlink
Preparación y Caracterización de Materiales Catalíticos por Descomposición Térmica de Carbón MineralDepartamento de Ingeniería Química, Universidad de Concepción, Memoria de Título, Julio de 2006LINK outlink

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